Gluten Free Range
Popular Flavour
- Gluten Free
Iced Coconut & Cherry Cake    £14.95
A moist Gluten Free Light Toffee Cake, Toffee & Butter Cream
Toffee Torment    £14.95
Great with Coffee, Fantastic as a Dessert & Gluten Free
Chocolate Brownie  £11.95
Spiced Apple & Sultana Cake £14.95
A moist Gluten Free Vanilla Cake with Juicy Fruits
Lemon Delight Cake  £14.95
This Sumptuous Cake NOW Gluten Free
Gluten Free and
you can still enjoy Chocolate Cake
Chocolate & Raspberry Cake   £14.95
The're gluten free - but they're delicious enough for all to enjoy